Brennan's Presents...

A Regal Trio of King Cakes

Each handcrafted cake begins with a PROPRIETARY, perfected dough recipe and leaves our bakery freshly baked, lavishly decorated, and downright delicious!

Celebrating over 75 years of dining history in New Orleans, Brennan's parades three distinct flavors in 2024.

2024 Flavors


Our Cakes

Each King Cake begins with a proprietary dough recipe of all-natural flour, yeast, sugar, eggs, milk, butter, vanilla, malt syrup, salt, nutmeg, and orange zest which yields a light and fluffy cake with moist, brioche-like texture.

Before baking, our dough undergoes a unique, natural process called tangzhong, with origins in Japan, which enables our cake to remain fresh for an entire week without any additives.


The Bakers

Louisiana born and "bread" baker Drew Pope thrives on the non-stop action of a bakery at full production, especially during carnival season. Each of our king cakes is crafted with a brioche dough recipe Drew spent years innovating and perfecting.

During Carnival season, Drew oversees a krewe of 30 bakers and decorators who produce hundreds of Brennan's tri-colored and specialty filled cakes a day for shipping and local distribution.


King Cake History

A dizzying array of delectable King Cakes are available during Carnival Season, which officially begins on January 6th. King Cakes are eaten in honor of “Twelfth Night” or “Epiphany”, marking the arrival of the three wise men/kings in Bethlehem who delivered gifts to the baby Jesus.