King Cake FAQs

Shipping Note:  Once your cake leaves our bakery, carrier delays due to weather, package volume, transit, and personnel issues may delay on-time delivery by FedEx.

Read our Shipping Policy prior to ordering. By ordering a shipped King Cake, you acknowledge that Brennan’s is not responsible for delivery delays.

What flavor king cakes are available in 2024?
Local Retailers: Traditional, Bananas Foster and Pink Parade Strawberry Cream Cheese
King's Day Shipping: Traditional
Corporate/Bulk Orders for Local Pickup or Shipping: Traditional, Bananas Foster

How many does each king cake serve?  Cakes serve 12-16 slices

Does your king cake come with a baby inside?
The gold baby trinket is not placed inside of our shipped cakes. A king cake baby can be found in the cup that is included with your shipped cake. CAUTION: KING CAKE BABIES ARE A CHOKING HAZARD!
Where can I find the ingredients in your cake?
Shipped cakes include an ingredients list on the back of the History of King Cake Card. Retail cakes include an ingredients list on the bottom of the cake box. Ingredients can also be viewed online at
Are your king cakes nut free?
Our King Cakes do not contain nuts; however, our King Cakes are produced in a bakery that uses nuts in other products.
Do you make a gluten free king cake?
Not at this time.
Where can I purchase your king cakes in the New Orleans Area? 
Click here to view list of local retailers.

Can I use a Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group gift card to purchase a king cake?  Not at this time. Gift cards are good for food and beverage in restaurants only. Details can be found here.

How can I place a Corporate or Bulk order for over 20 cakes?
Please visit our Corporate / Bulk Order Page.
[for King's Day Pre-Sale Shipped Cakes + Bulk Orders]

Due to high local demand, Brennan’s is shipping a limited number of cakes pre-season for King’s Day celebrations. King Cake’s by Brennan’s will offer corporate/bulk order shipping for 20 cakes or more based on availability. Be sure to check out our complete listing of local retailers, expanded across the greater New Orleans area, from the Southshore to the Northshore and beyond!

When will my cake ship?
King’s Day shipped cakes will ship Wednesday, January 3rd with FedEx Standard Overnight shipping.

Bulk King Cakes ship exclusively via FedEx Standard Overnight

Is there any other shipping option other than FedEx Standard Overnight?

Not at this time.

How long will my cake be fresh?

Our cakes stay fresh for 5 days after shipping (or from picking up in one of our retail locations) when stored inside our resealable bag. We use a natural process called tangzhong, with origins in Japan, which allows our cakes to remain fresh without any additives.

Can I freeze my king cake?

King Cakes freeze well. When your king cake arrives, place only the plastic wrapped cake from inside of our shipping box into your freezer. Remove and thaw the cake for three hours before serving.

What do I do if the plastic bag is stuck to the icing on my king cake when it arrives?
Weather and other factors can sometimes cause the plastic wrap to adhere to the icing on the cake. If this happens, place the plastic wrapped cake in the freezer for 5 minutes. When you remove the king cake from the freezer, you should be able to pull the bag away from the cake with the icing remaining on the cake.

What do I do if my king cake is damaged, lost, or undeliverable?
Please visit our Shipping Policy page.

How do I reach customer service?
Customer service can be reached by email at, Monday - Friday from 9am to 4pm CST.

King Cakes may be pre-ordered and picked up at Brennan's or Ralph's on the Park.

Can you pre-order king cakes and pick them up the same day?
No, King cakes must be ordered by 3 pm CST the day prior to pick up.

Can I reschedule or cancel my local pickup order?
Yes, but please try to give us advance notice. Contact 

Can I pick my king cake up earlier than the selected date and time?
No. We package and deliver a certain number of cakes daily, and cannot guarantee one will be available earlier than the selected date and time.
What if I forget to pick up my king cake on the date and time selected?
After 24 hours from your date and time selected, we will not guarantee your king cake will be available. Please do your best to call us at the selected location if you will be delayed or unable to pick up your cake.